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How to Step Back Into Your Personal Power In 10 Simple Steps

Being in your Power is simply doing what you say you will, engaging in actions that in harmony with what you say you want. For instance, wanting to lose weight, eating and exercising in a fashion that results in weight loss.

Sounds simple enough and it is, but how much ease is involved is determined by how much you stand in, and come from, your power. Once you are in your power EVERYTHING gets easier.

Your task is not to seek for love but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” Rumi

I love that quote by Rumi. It’s true not just for love but for anything you are seeking, including being in your own personal power.

You are power and if you’re not feeling power-full then it’s time to find the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. These barriers come in the form of your beliefs, what you believe you’re capable, deserving and worthy of and their corresponding emotions.

As lovely as it would be to always be in your power, the reality is that (if you’re growing) you’re more likely to come in and out of it, eventually spending more time in than out of it.

Know your triggers

I tend to drop out of power when I’m feeling depleted of energy. Despite making amazing progress with this there are still 2 times of the year that continue to elude me – my Son’s birthday and Christmas.

On my quest to make sure he has a great time, my inner control freak comes out to play and totally overrides my inner wisdom. She has one agenda and one agenda only – to make his birthday or Christmas really special!

My self-care gets put on a back burner temporarily. I end up feeling disconnected to myself and in a place where I get easily overwhelmed and anxious. So it’s no surprise that after the event I have to put myself back together again!

Life is always on an upward or downward spiral. When you are out of your power it’s really easy to make choices that continue to disconnect to further. And the reverse is true, it’s pretty easy to make choices that keep you in your power when you are already in it.

Not being a fan of the downward spiral I literally retrace my steps back to power and within 3 days, I’m back in my power again!

Here’s how I retrace my steps back to power:

1. Sleep
After making it through the 1st 6 months of my son’s life, I learnt how important sleep was! It’s a big deal to get enough rest and have the energy to do what you want to do. All else comes after this. When I’m out or slipping out of power I get the urge to stay up late (well late for me) and watch films. So when retracing my steps back to power, I start with getting early nights.

2. Water
Power is a by product of self-love. Drinking enough water is an act of self-love. Your body needs water to function properly, it must be hydrated.

3. Stay away from anxiety-producers
As a person that can be prone to anxious thoughts, there are certain foods that destabilise my mood and make me anxious. For me it’s caffeine, white rice and sugar. It’s not that I never eat them but not when I’m retracing my steps back to power. It doesn’t have to be food, it can be TV shows, people etc.

4. Listen to your body
When I’m out of my power my mind is busy and jumpy. I get easily overwhelmed and paralysed by having lots to do but not knowing where to start or feeling present and grounded enough to do one thing at a time. When I cut through the mind chatter and listen to my inner guidance through my body, its suggestions are simple. In fact it’s usually rest, chill or something like that.

5. Meditate
It can be hard for me to sit with my body enough to hear its guidance and meditation is my tool of choice. It helps to quiet the mind and connect you to yourself so you don’t get swept away by every emotion encountered. Here’s a free body meditaion for you.

6. Eat low GI foods
GI stands for Glycaemic Index and is a measurement of the speed that energy from food is released in your body. Low GI foods are released slowly fuelling your body slowly and steadily. This avoids the spikes in energy that can affect your mood and get you into a downward spiral before you know it.

7. Juices/smoothies
Starting your day with fresh fruit and veg juice is like magic in a glass. It’s such a concentrated shot of goodness going into your body making it easier to make other wise choices – upward spiral.

8. Accept where you are right now
This is the hardest part for me but also the part where I turn a massive corner when I remember. When you know what it feels like in your body to be in your power, not being in it feels downright uncomfortable. The urge to get away from yourself through drinking, overeating, overworking or any other distraction, is strong and will only prolong the feeling. Accepting where you are is different from feeling defeated. It’s simply being where you are and opening to all the information there for you that ultimately helps you to move on.

9. Movement
Being out of your power is usually accompanied by tension which stays in your body unless given a way out. Yoga and Pilates are great for releasing tension, as are more lively exercises like aerobics, Zumba or running. Just make sure it’s something you love doing.

10. Keep going
When you start feeling better it can be tempting to slip back especially if you’re an all-or-nothing person. Follow the 80/20 rule when engaging in activities that take you out of your power. Make sure you’re involved in power-enhancing activities 80% of the time and 20% of the time in power-depleting activities.

Your turn
What about you? What kind of activities help you to retrace your steps back to power? Leave me a comment below and let me know.

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7 Responses to How to Step Back Into Your Personal Power In 10 Simple Steps

  1. Lola says:

    On the contrary Charles! I’ve been a little behind in the moderation of comments….

  2. Lola says:

    Hi Charles, its my pleasure to share, thanks for your comment.Your tactic sounds like a great reminder to get some perspective when we get sewpt away with it all.

  3. Lola says:

    Thanks Tammi for sharing what you do, journalling is my absolute must. Not great at baths but saunas are my thing for restoring myself.

  4. Charles says:

    What happened to my previous comment? Not useful

  5. Charles C says:

    Thanks for your insightful and always helpful articles….and most importantly for your courage to share your personal experience of temporary loss of power and how you reclaimed it.
    For me a personal retreat for a few days helps and when in extremis I simply say to myself ” Charles, if you drop dead today will the world end?” That shoots me back to reality and usually I will promptly fall asleep saying to myself as I dose off that “Even this shall pass away” And, guess what? They always pass away!!! And my power regained!

  6. Tammi Walker says:

    I love to journal, take a hot bath, create my newsletter for my business and help someone else. I feel my power returning when I do those things. Exercising and eating better always helps me. Thank you for your great article. They are always helpful.
    Tammi Walker – Chicago

  7. jo says:

    Great post – for me, it’s about reminding myself to take time out to be still and go quiet – I know I’m in trouble when I just get caught up in the ‘busy’!

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